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Mobile Filing Card for Android

In June, we submitted a file of arbitration cases for the iPhone and promised to implement a version for other platforms, if there is a critical mass of applicants. What is nice, there have been a lot of inquiries and we are pleased to introduce the Mobile Filing Card application for Android.


Now, users of mobile devices with this operating system have the opportunity at any time to get acquainted with detailed information on any arbitration case, of which there are already 5 986 313 in the card file.
By the way, in 3 months a similar application for iPhone was downloaded more than 10,000 times , is it interesting to overtake the Android version of its competitor?

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In order to start using the system on a mobile device with Android OS, you need to register. If you already have an account in ATP " Pravo.ru " - just use it.

You can download the application here: market.android.com/details?id=com.parcsis.kad - or use this QR code:

After registration you can start working in the system. On the main screen, you can see the number of cases available for viewing and a search card for entering known search parameters. The last 6 search cards are automatically saved in the file, so that the user can return to them at any time.

Search card


To search you need to specify one of 4 known parameters:

The search query card is automatically saved for future use.

searching results


In the search results you get a list of all cases sorted by date of last change. In addition, you have the opportunity to filter the list by category dispute:

To go to a specific case, simply click on the line from the table.

Case information


The following information is available to you in the case file:

Separately, in the tabs you can view all the participants in the case and the names of the judges who participated in the review. For convenience, the display of the card also works in landscape format.

View documents


Court practice is an important source of legal information. Within each review, you can view the text of any available document.

If you are interested in all the documents, you just need to select the desired one from the review chronology. In this case, all the final judicial acts are available in the "Documents" tab. The document in text format will be loaded for viewing, you can change the scale and the way it is displayed in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

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