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Send Java / Python SDKs 1.3.8

For Java: Adding java.net.InetAddress and some interfaces and abstract classes from javax.xml.soap to the white list.

For Python: Support for builtin-handlers is a great feature that allows you to enable some SDK functionality (for example, remote_api, mapreduce, etc) right out of the box, with a single hand movement. Below is an example to enable appstats and mapreduce. Read more about builtin and includes

- mapreduce: on
- appstats: on

Changes in admin production:

SDK analysis - a certain Matcher API appeared for python - however its purpose is extremely incomprehensible (maybe part of the future full-text-search (?), Judging from stub analysis), and it looks like the API itself is still in deep development. Also, it seems, we will soon expect asynchronous calls to the repository, similar to URLFetch.

Full lists of changes:
- Release Notes: Python
- Release Notes: Java
- Revision History

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