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Do you do e-commerce? Then we go to you!


I want to tell you about the event that we ( OWOX company) will hold in a couple of weeks in Kiev. The mission of our company is the development of e-commerce in Ukraine. The organization of a specialized conference seems to us a useful business affair.

Business of online stores and online services ” is the largest specialized conference in Ukraine, this year will be held for the fourth time. Conference participants are leading online stores and Internet companies.

The conference will not be useful

  1. Those who already know everything
  2. Those who work a lot and who do not have time
  3. Those who are not interested in e-commerce

The conference will be useful

Anyone who seeks
  1. Increase the efficiency of the online store's call center
  2. Attract more buyers with your own hands
  3. Understand how to live with the new tax code and personal data protection law
  4. Make your site more convenient and increase conversion

To make the conference even better than last year, we

  1. We collected unique reports that were not heard earlier at the Ukrainian conferences.
  2. Voted among users, according to the results of which the most interesting 29 reports were selected in the program
  3. Made it possible to ask a question to any speaker before the conference. By the way, participants can also exchange contacts before the conference.

The conference will be held on October 28 in Kiev.

For those who would like to participate, you must register and pay for participation.
The current price is UAH 2,250 (approximately 8,480 rubles).
Anyone who strings a couple of lines to me in private or on conf@owox.com we will send a promotional code for an exclusive Habro-discount of 20%.

Thank you all for your attention :)

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