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Video of the updated Unity interface with uTouch (Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10)

In the general in the title of the topic, everything is said, it remains to add that, it is pleasant to observe the development of the Ubuntu Netbook Edition project. So far it is damp, but in my opinion, it is waiting for success.

By the way, uTouch is a stack of support for multipoint touches (multitouch) and user gestures that will be included in Ubuntu 10.10. In conjunction with the Linux and X.org kernel development communities, Canonical created a multipoint gesture recognizer and the gesture API. These components form a complete stack that allows developers to create applications that respond to user gestures.
Well, for those who do not stick out of the tank, Ubuntu Netbook Edition (Ubuntu Netbook Remix) is a version of the Ubuntu operating system optimized for mobile devices, netbooks. The user interface is changed so that it is more convenient to work on devices with a small screen.


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