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Conference "Back to the Mac" will be held on October 20

Apple sent invitations to the conference, which will be held on October 20 in San Francisco. The peculiar name looks ambitious. Something akin to: “We looked at the Widows phone 7? Oh well. Now go back to daddy - he will show how this is done! ”

What to expect from Cupertino?

1. Judging by the picture, we will be shown the following Mac OS. How, interestingly, it will be called? .. Lion - the king of beasts. Another hint that "sha on the plank - the main goes." It is very curious to see how Apple will prove its superiority this time.

2. It is rumored that, perhaps, we will be shown the new iLife'11 and iWork'11 (especially since the books on them have already lit up ). The last time these packages were updated was already in January last year. Considering that Microsoft released its Office 2010 (by the way, the official release for Mac is almost out), now is the time to try to keep your users with new goodies.
3. MacBook Air with a reduced screen - 11.6 inches instead of 13.3. People are whispering, but, considering that nobody has canceled the iPad, in my opinion the probability of this event is not very high.


October 20 at 21:00 Moscow time will put everything in its place. Indeed, it would be very nice to see something fresh, for IMHO, Apple’s “mobile” news is already a bit fed up.

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