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Japanese robots have learned ... to sing

No, of course, any more or less modern gadget can “sing”, that is, play music files of different formats. However, in this case it is not about this - the Japanese really taught their robot to sing, and to sing quite tolerably. The robot, which received the project name HRP-4, the creators are sometimes called “diva-bot”, and not in vain. The robot not only knows how to synthesize sounds, simulating a human voice, but also accompanying its singing with facial expressions and movements. For the sake of fairness, I note that the robot does it much better than many existing pop singers - people.

In total, according to the developers, there are two programs that allow the robot to “sing. The first program is called VocaListener, it allows the robot to follow the mouth of a person, fix everything, and then modulate the sounds of a similar tone and volume. That is, the robot does not record, and then reproduces the sound - it would not be a robot singer, but a tape recorder. No, our robo-diva learns to sing, and then plays the melody in her own “voice.” Is this not progress?
As for the second algorithm, it is still more interesting here - this program helps the robot to become as close to a human as possible, showing “emotions”, supporting singing with facial expressions, movements. The second algorithm is called Vocawatcher. By the way, this robot is also learned from a person, observing his movements and facial expressions, and then repeating everything as accurately as possible. Of course, the robot can perform only the song, the execution of which he watched, but that thing, before the robots did not know how.

The result, as you can see, is impressive. In general, everything is very similar to the fact that after a while, not so big, we will get the first performing robots who will get their own fans. In any case, in Japan, fans of robot singers will definitely be full. If they marry mobile phones there, then robots, and even such feminine ones, will gain admirers in the shortest possible time.

In general, enough words, let's look at how the robot performs songs. It would be interesting to see how the robot singer performs to the game of robots-musicians, of which there are a lot of them - every year all new musicians of this kind appear.

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