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AOL going to buy yahoo?

This morning, rumors began to actively appear on the Web that AOL, which, as you know, is not so rosy now as it was three years ago, was going to buy Yahoo! .. It is no secret that AOL is currently actively engaged in buying promising startups, but so that a smaller company could buy more? In fact, AOL does not have enough money to buy a giant like Yahoo !, but the company hopes to receive investment funds from private foundations, and they have already responded willingly.

This readiness in terms of money is 10-12 billion dollars, with Yahoo! in the amount of about 20 billion. Where to get the rest of the funds? AOL is going to ask them from major banks. In this, I must say, a little adventurous project, the company AOL is supported by such giants as Silver Lake Partners and the Blackstone Group, which are involved in investing in the IT industry. Both funds are ready to help for obtaining a certain share in the purchased corporation.
It is worth recalling that a couple of years ago on Yahoo! Microsoft has already “hunted”, which offered about $ 40 billion for the desired product. This amount then exceeded the real value of Yahoo. Now the price of this corporation has dropped at least twice, so that even not very large competitors, like AOL, do not lose hope in any way to unite with this company.

Interestingly, the company Yahoo!, As they say, is “not a dream or spirit” about the far-reaching plans of AOL. Nevertheless, Yahoo has benefited all these rumors about an impending takeover - its shares have risen by as much as 10% in a couple of days, and this is a very significant indicator of the reality of the project.

So significant that Yahoo! they even asked for help from Goldman Sachs so that this organization would help the corporation to prevent takeover. According to some reports, AOL began to prepare the acquisition of Yahoo! about two weeks ago, and achieved some success - as mentioned above, 12 billion of the required 20 have already been found. In principle, any large bank, seeing its interest in the transaction (and after all, Yahoo! is a tasty morsel), can offer such a sum .

Well, according to experts, the idea of ​​AOL is quite real, so we will wait for the development of events.

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PS On the announcement picture - CEO AOL and Yahoo !: Tim Armstrong and Carol Bartz.

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