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Synaptics and Microsoft Introduce New Technologies for Windows Phone 7


Synaptics , a well-known manufacturer of touchpads and touchscreens for mobile devices and laptops, issued a press release (.pdf) announcing the availability of its latest technologies for use by mobile phone manufacturers when building devices based on Windows Phone 7. This announcement was released as part of an agreement between the companies Synaptics and Microsoft.

This is, first of all, the technology ClearPad 3000 , which allows you to track up to 10 simultaneous touches with high accuracy and low latency. The technology is based on the latest technology of the company with 48 channels of sensors and advanced power management.
“Collaboration between leading manufacturers, such as Synaptics and Microsoft, creates the foundation for creating a unique mobile experience,” says Synaptics Senior Vice President, Strategic Technologies and Corporate Development, “Our ClearPad solution, combined with Windows Phone 7, is another impressive a step in improving that kind of experience. ”

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