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Backup Virtual Machines in Citrix XenServer

QuorumSoft Alike is a backup / restore software for Citrix XenServer virtual machines. The program consists of an installer, which can be downloaded only after registering on the manufacturer’s website . When downloading the installer comes with a free license to backup from 1 XenServer host. The free license is limited to creating three cyclically rewritable backups of each virtual machine in the Alike storage, as well as any three scheduled tasks . It is possible to install a backup exclusively on the Windows platform. The developer guarantees the quality of the product on systems XP, 2K3, 2K8. Also for his work will need. NET Framework at least version 3.

Program features:

The main modes of operation:

1. Deduplicated Backup (Deduplicated Backup) - create a compressed copy of the virtual machine. With further backups of this type, only changes are recorded;
2. Restore (Restore) - restore the virtual machine from the storage (DB) Alike;
3. Replication of virtual machines (Replication VM) - creating a complete copy of a virtual machine by exporting its snapshot (Snapshot).
Additional modes of operation (maintenance modes):

1. Storage Optimization (Alike storage optimization) - Allows you to reduce the space occupied by backups due to data compression;
2. Branch Merge (auth.) (Leaf Coalesce) - Allows you to free up free space on the XenServer storage after Snapshot.

Interface and work:

The program window, conventionally, can be divided into 2 parts - the navigation menu by task group and the work area. The interface is intuitive and informative.

Jobs (Creating, editing and deleting tasks)

Explorer (Backup Manager)

Activity (Task Logs)

Settings (Program Settings)

For the work of the program in the system are responsible 2 services Shedule and Vaulter. The first versions of the program were rather unstable and the Shedule service was constantly “falling out”, which forced it to be started manually, since the interface of the program has the appropriate functionality.


Having a free edition of the program makes it an excellent choice for those who have just 1 virtualization server running Citrix XenServer. For those with 2 or more servers and VMs, a commercial license is suitable between them, unlocking the free version limits for $ 899 for each serviced server.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106180/

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