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Skype + Facebook = Skype 5.0 for Windows

Today, Skype has released a new version of the client for Windows - Skype 5.0, which includes integration with Facebook. Now in the program window there is a tab in which you can watch and comment on your Facebook news feed; you can call Skype with a couple of clicks to your friends who have pointed phones, and you can send a message about your status (in Skype this is called Mood Message) synchronize.
In addition, the new version has the ability to hold videoconferences (up to 10 participants), already familiar from the beta versions of the "five". However, this feature with the release of the "golden" version 5.0 remained in the status of "beta" for some time. Among other innovations, it is worth noting the “dynamic” mode during audio and video conferencing, which highlights and highlights the speaker’s window so that you can more easily understand who is speaking at the moment (This may not be so important for companionship, but But for business calls it is very, very useful, otherwise you have to look at it regularly: who exactly is the volume indicator “jumping” to understand who it is, well, or to learn how different accents of English sound.
Skype says that both open APIs of the latter (as part of the Facebook Connect program) and Facebook’s own (private) APIs were used to integrate with Facebook in order to implement Facebook Phonebook support. The result is a common interface to two “circles of communication” - close friends with whom you are interested to communicate with voice or even video, and a wider circle of acquaintances who also want to keep an eye on, and with which you also sometimes need to be contacted. And, given that Facebook’s social network is often quite international, Skype, with its low international calling rates, comes in handy. And finally, you can add that if you want your friends on Facebook, you can simply import into the main contact list of Skype.

Download the new version of Skype by the link .

There is some probability that the link will open a page with Skype 4.2 - do not pay attention, the new version will be downloaded via the button “Download right now”. Soon this bug will be fixed.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106179/

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