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Did you buy a room without registration? And in vain!

In some regions of Russia, the practice of selling numbers of mobile operators without registration to the buyer is very common. Just a number is issued to the owner of the outlet.
And the sale process takes one minute instead of 10-15.

So, today blocked one of these numbers.
Called the MTS help desk:
- Why is my number blocked?
- There is a debt on the account of another number that has been issued to you, therefore, until this debt is settled, this number will also be blocked.
- But we often have that the owner of the outlet draws numbers for themselves.
- It is necessary to buy in the service centers.
- And this number can not be unlocked?
- Not.

This is a precedent, comrades.
The bill goes on thousands, on tens of thousands of numbers.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106175/

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