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A unique event took place today in Oslo: for the first time in the history of Opera Software, a press conference was held at which the most important people of the company spoke with dozens of journalists from 13 countries of the world. I think the results of this event will not keep you waiting in the form of articles and essays of the very journalists, and we can briefly get acquainted with the most interesting information.

So, what's new to expect from Opera in the near future?

First of all - the imminent release of the alpha version of Opera 11 , in which the long-awaited system of extensions finally appears. Like all previous news (widgets, Unite, Dragonfly), extensions will also be based on open web standards, and for their development will be enough knowledge in the field of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

By the way, the version of Opera 11 will be based on the code base of the current test branch 10.70, so the final 10.70 will not be.
At the press conference, the owners of iPhones also voiced and showed "live" good news in the form of Opera Mini 5.5 - a new version that takes into account the many wishes expressed by users after the release of version 5.1. At the moment, this version is undergoing internal testing and is preparing soon to reach the general public.

Another long-awaited new product is Opera Mobile for Android with new features including hardware acceleration and smooth scaling (pinch-to-zoom). The developers promise to release this version in about a month, but for now you can familiarize yourself with the details here .

And another important release, no longer associated with the press conference. On Dev.Opera portal, the first articles appeared describing Opera Link API - a system for synchronizing data between different versions of Opera browsers.

In general, technical news is, of course, good, but it is much more interesting to know what Opera thinks about the future of the Internet in general and browser technologies in particular. Therefore, I invite everyone to personally “attend” the speeches of all the participants of the press conference, namely:
Lars Boylsen - CEO Opera
Jon von Techner - co-founder of the company and CEO for the past 15 years
Kristen Krog - Director of Engineering
Haakon Wium Lee - Technical Director

All videos of speeches and photographic materials are posted on the page dedicated to the press conference.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106174/

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