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NTV is building a new television center in Moscow

The NTV channel plans to build its own television center. According to management, it should become the largest and most modern in all of Europe. According to the architects, the green light will give a special beauty, which will come from the building at night. For the construction of the channel plans to spend about $ 500 million.

NTV television company is going to build its own television center in the Ostankino television tower. According to the director general of NTV Vladimir Kulistikov, this will be one of the largest and most modern television complexes in Europe.

"Inside the building will be decorated in full accordance with the color and design of the channel."

According to the project, the building will be located on Novomoskovskaya street next to the existing buildings of the Ostankino television center. The project, according to the head of the TV channel, will be distinguished by its originality - its authors are young German architects.
The project provides that at night the building will glow like a diamond, since its surface will be covered with a thin LED web.

According to the NTV spokeswoman Maria Bezborodova, the sketch is ready.

“The project of the building is already on paper. However, now we are waiting for the final stage in coordinating the construction with the capital government. Only then will we be able to talk about the details of the construction of the television center - about the dates and dates of construction, ”Bezborodova explained to the VZGLYAD newspaper correspondent.

The press service also added that the television center, which is still in its embryonic state, should become the new headquarters of the TV channel. “Any independent channel seeks to find an independent platform for work and broadcasting, and not to rent someone else’s premises, which we actually do now,” Bezborodova added.

On NTV, nevertheless, the veil of the mysterious design of the future television center was slightly lifted. If the details of the exterior are approximately known, then all the subtleties of the interior are not amenable to publicity. We only know that inside the building will be decorated in full accordance with the color scheme and design of the channel.

Oddly enough, but the financial component of the project was more open. According to the director of the television station, Vladimir Kulistikov, the construction of our own television center will cost approximately $ 500 million.

As the general director of the channel stressed, NTV can afford to invest such funds in this project due to the fact that the TV channel does not ask for money from its shareholder, Gazprom, and constantly increases profits.

“What should we ask for ?! Our revenue from almost $ 251 million, which was in 2004, increased in 2006 to $ 402.5 million. And the forecast for this year is more than $ 466 million, ”said Kulistikov in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper.

“If we talk about the net profit before the payment of dividends to shareholders, in 2004 it was more than $ 44 million, in 2006 - $ 91 million, and in 2007 we are expected to have more than $ 115 million,” added the head of NTV.

In conclusion, NTV noted that shareholders' money would not be raised for the construction of the television center. The channel plans to do with bank loans.

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