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Trading wheels online or the story of how I bought tires

I have a problem. I really want to buy tires GOODYEAR Ultra Grip Ice + R16 215/55 through the online store. But I can not do this for a week.
Our regional (I live in Volgograd) tire shops just do not import such a model. Yes, this is a novelty of the season, my size is not the most popular, but I am sure that Ultra Grip Ice + will not be on sale in a year. Only the best running tires and sizes are being driven.
I was advised to buy in the Moscow online store, and to make delivery using a transport company. After searching, I found 3 stores where I have the right tires in the right size. Judging by the site they are in stock. According to information from the “delivery” section, I understand that delivery to the regions is possible.
The first is the Internet bus . Made an order on Monday. Until Thursday - no answer. No phone call, no letter to e-mail. And this is despite the fact that on Tuesday I sent them a letter to an e-mail.
Today called. The first call is the hooters, the answering machine is switched on (time 16-00!). I called back after 10 minutes. Hooters, hooters, lo and behold, the woman picks up the phone - “Internet bus”, hello. I ask what happens to my order. I clarified what tires I ordered, it turns out they are not at all available (nothing is said about this on the website). To the question why no one unsubscribed me on my application or e-mail, she answered that there were a lot of orders, they had to answer ...

On Wednesday morning I ordered in the online store " TVK-Auto ". An automatic confirmation of the order arrived, and then - no reaction within a day and a half. I call today. "Ale" - at the end of the wire. I clarify whether this is "TVK Auto". Yes, I called right. I ask that with my order. “By order? Let me see you now. ” Looked - out of stock. I asked the question why they didn’t call me back to say it, or at least didn’t unsubscribe to the email. The answer struck me outright: “Yes, we have a stream, we have half of the applications that do not reach. Better to call. ” Why on the website at all application form, if half does not reach?
In the third store I did not even order, judging by the texts, he was affiliated with TVK-Avto.

Cases of shinnikov at the height of the season, apparently, are so good that it is not typical for them to show at least some elementary ways of caring for the customer. Somewhere even greet differently than “Ale!” Do not know how. Of course, you shouldn’t scratch one size fits all, but I stumble upon such “lucky” ones.

As a result, I never bought a tire.

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