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Persons Harvest 10/10 - Alena Vladimirskaya

Alyona Vladimirskaya and the staff of her new “non-hunting” agency “Talanting” will analyze the qualities and skills of the start-up tournament participants for two days.

Alain, what is the point?
- “Talanting” wants to see what each of the Harvest participants is professionally worth.

Do not mind that the tournament will meet more than a hundred people? Have time to evaluate all?
- At the beginning of the first day of Harvest, each participant will be able to receive a questionnaire in which his skills will be evaluated according to three criteria: professionalism, leadership and teamwork. During the event, experts will compare how adequately and professionally a person has assessed himself. And at the end of the second day of the tournament everyone will receive a diploma.
Why are these participants?
- Everyone knows that the startup "makes" the team. And the same investors, before making a decision on financing, carefully evaluate the project participants. These diplomas can be an additional guarantee that the project is a professional and adequate team that is able to realize their plans.

What information will be indicated in the diploma?
- It will have two indexes. The first is an index of professionalism, a total assessment of your capabilities by hr-specialists and experts. The second is the adequacy index, which will be calculated as the ratio of the assessment of specialists with your own, indicated in the questionnaire.

Why graduate startups?
- This is done for the participants themselves so that they can understand what they can count on in the market and where to go. It is important to be able to look at yourself from the side, to understand how firmly you are on your feet. We do not conduct any kind of census, and this information will not reach anyone. But for the participants, we hope this experience will be useful.

Who will judge how the skills and qualities of the participants correspond to the market?
- We will attract the best hr-specialists from the Runet market to the tournament. So that everything is fair, we also asked Harvest experts to participate in the evaluation process. Diverse specialists will come to work with the projects, so your opportunities will be assessed from different angles. In the end, this will give an objective picture.

Registration for the tournament is still open. Read more here: habrahabr.ru/blogs/startup/106013

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106166/

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