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Announcement of Flash GAMM Kyiv 2010

On December 4-5, 2010, in Kiev , in the international exhibition center KyivExpoPlaza, the fifth conference of developers and publishers of flash and social games Flash GAMM Kyiv 2010 will be held . This year, a record number of representatives of domestic and foreign companies - more than 400 people are expected at the event with a non-permanent registration (Kiev, Moscow, and in the near future - Berlin) ! The conference covers the whole range of issues regarding flash-games: from development to monetization, distribution and advertising.

The conference program includes the following events: reports and blitz reports, round tables, trainings, master classes and awarding the winners of the Best Flash Game competition.

Such reputable authorities in the flash-gaming industry as Anton Volkov (technical director of the Alternativa Platform), Tom Krcha (member of the Adobe Platform Evangelism European team), Alexey Kostarev (founder and general producer of I-Jet Media), Alexey Anikutin (flash developer at SKAZKA), Martina Spaans (lead licensing manager at SPIL Games), Stefan Keich (CEO Wheemplay and managing director of Mob Mentality), and many others.
The highlight of Flash GAMM Kyiv 2010 promises to be a game lynch : a public discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of both ready-made games and projects at the development stage. Anyone can take part, and both a brave developer who is ready to give his “brainchild” for lynching, and a critic who does not stint on constructive criticism and worthwhile advice.

A minimum of 2 round tables is planned. The theme of one of them is already defined: “Technical aspects of game development”. Send suggestions on other topics of round tables or tell representatives of which companies you would like to see behind them?

A section for blitz reports is planned. This time we will allocate much more time for it so that a larger number of participants could speak.
Each speaker is given exactly 5 minutes to cover the topic. This could be a presentation of a project, a game, a solution to an interesting technical problem, and so on. Anyone can take part in the blitz section of reports, the main thing is to apply in advance for flashgamm (at) absolutist.com.

We remind you that the reception of your works for the competition of games is already open. As always there will be many different nominations and prizes. We invite everyone to take part in the competition, because this is a great opportunity to once again show their game and promote themselves as a developer.

In addition to the above activities, a workshop and a master class are planned. Details about these events will soon appear on our website.

Do not miss your chance to learn about trends in the field of flash-development and about the prospects of the flash-games market first-hand!

You can register for participation and learn more about Flash GAMM Kyiv 2010 on the official conference website - www.flashgamm.com

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