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October 30, 2010 will be held the next RailsClub'Moscow conference

RailsClub.ru is a community of developers in the ruby ​​language and the ruby ​​on rails framework. Our goal is to popularize the ruby ​​programming language and the ruby ​​on rails framework as an ideal environment for developing Internet projects. Conferences RailsClub.ru is a unique platform where you can communicate with colleagues, get and share live experiences, find partners for your project.

RailsClub is out of the summer holidays and starts a series of conferences on ruby ​​and ruby ​​on rails.
We changed the venue to a more professional and large venue with comfortable sofas, a bar, a large screen, a stage and high-quality equipment.

This time we are waiting for a live broadcast organized by telemarker.ru. All materials will be published on railsclub.ru
Venue: railsclub.ru/places/8
Start time: 13:00
Participation in the conference is free, but with obligatory registration on the website railsclub.ru
The list of participants, speakers, and other details can be found at railsclub.ru

Come to our conference. There will be many interesting reports, a pleasant atmosphere, the opportunity to talk with colleagues and even play billiards =)

At the moment we are actively forming the composition of the speakers. If you have an interesting report or project on our technologies, we will be happy to hear from you.
We are also considering the option of paying fares for non-resident or foreign speakers.

Contact railsclub.ru/contacts

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