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Archos 7 Home Tablet (android) usage experience

You all could observe the abundance of topics about Chinese devices, and probably you want to know what the tablet of a famous company is.

And so, the quarry!

Externally, the tablet does not look like an ipad, has small frames above and below the seven-inch screen, and the right and left end is made for comfortable holding in hands. At the ends of the front you can see the slots for the speakers, and on the right is also a protrusion for a nonexistent camera. The screen frame and back cover are made of black painted lacquer metal with an oblong textured pattern. A leg is mounted in the left butt so that it can be put on the table. Hole reset button is also located behind.
image (picture from the official site)
Someone thinks the design is excellent and beautiful, from my bell tower it seems quite ordinary.
From the connectors on the tablet, the microSD standard (top) is easily found, as well as the 3.5 mini headphone jack on the right, the round power connector (according to the current characteristics, adapters from old-school pockets can fit, but the diameter of the plug is slightly smaller) and micro USB through which he can not charge.

Arcos was not generous with the buttons; therefore, apart from the screen lock switch, which can act as a power slider, you will not find anything by jerking it to the left. Looking ahead, I note that the android system buttons are located on its top panel with a clock and notifications.

The device is equipped with a somewhat rotary RockChip RK2808 600 MHz processor and, as already mentioned, a 7-inch widescreen resistive screen with a resolution of 800x480, weighs, according to the revelation, instructions about 350 grams. Arkos boasts 8 gigabytes of internal memory, a Wi-Fi module, but will shy away from the eyes because of the missing bluetooth. Whether there is a position sensor or not is not clear - but it does not work exactly.
And most importantly - it has Android 1.5 installed.

As far as I understand, there is an accelerator on the chip, which, however, will not be particularly noticeable, because 3D games slow down, although they sometimes start.
But the processor helps to cope in the video. I did not stutter any of the videos, as well as the video of good resolution from youtube.
The screen seems a bit grainy, but you instantly get used to it and it turns out to be quite nothing for surfing and video.
In the beginning, the resistive sensor worked just disgustingly, so disgustingly, that on 3.5 inch Nokia text was easier to type than on the relatively giant screen of the arcos. However, the engineers fixed it after some time. Since I am a little used to this screen, it is now difficult to say how sensitive it really is, even though I did not feel any discomfort when eating a cactus. Permission is enough for surfing. Weifai works so-so, it seems to be catching a router in the whole apartment, but at work it catches a better wifi. Ad-hoc can be made to work only with tambourines tinkering in the configs of the firmware, and I recently became too casual to poke around in Linux on a tablet. On the forum they write that ad-hoc works. The dimensions of the tablet are excellent, or at least it is designed for hands, the degree of curvature of which is similar to mine. It is comfortable to hold in hands, it is light, it fits in the pocket of classic jeans by no means the largest hikka.

It's time to start a story about humanoid robots.
Android tablet 1.5 and the point. The poor community has already lost all hope that Arcos will release at least 1.6. There are no custom firmwares - the percent is quite rare and from serial handicrafts it can only be found on, it seems, on the west. And the source code of the android, which supports the processor accelerator with the hardware video rockchip, did not want to give up to the last, saying that the android is supposedly under the Apaches license, as if ignoring the GPL itself for the Linux kernel. According to rumors, they still gave the source code, but the size of the community seems to be so and leave them interesting reading material. There are some firmware files. The fact is that at the moment it’s quite difficult to license an android for tablets, and which company does not want to receive profits from its own app store. Arcos was no exception and released something that they thought was such a store. Of course, the market is much better, but in the absence of this, the Arkos cactus, in principle, can be eaten. You will not see any Google applications in the standard package. There were, nevertheless, a couple of people who were able to stick in there applications of a big one from a brother. My cards never started, everything else is more or less working. Here are just a YouTube application can not stretch the video. But then another trouble appeared: after flashing, the device screen sometimes turned on for a couple of minutes. With this, it was possible to live for a while until an update came, which made it so that the device turned on would not extinguish the screen, which made it necessary to keep the tablet off. And a couple of days ago, she did not deign to boot, preferring a cyclic reboot to work.

The speed of the android 1.5 is such that you no longer receive the pleasure of work, but you still do not want to bang the tablet on the wall. Sometimes applications fall, but again the frequency of falls is noticeable but quite tolerable. Despite the declared host mode, I didn’t manage to make anything work this way. To finish the topic with something positive, and zomboyaschik usually specializes in news about the birth of some rare animal in the zoo, then I have no choice but to praise the excellent battery that worked for several days and kept the video for 5 hours and maybe even longer to surf.

As the Duchess of “Alice” said - “There is a moral in everything, you just need to be able to find it!” You should not think that the famous brand guarantees quality. The home tablet 70 will also appear on the market soon, who knows, maybe it will be much better.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106142/

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