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Opera 11 will support extensions

Good news for everyone! Today, on Up North Web, the appearance in Opera 11 of a new feature, Opera Extensions, has been confirmed.

What is Opera Extensions?

With the help of extensions in Opera, you can easily add new functionality to your browser. Developers can easily create extensions using open standards (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) and a supported API.
Extensions will be based on the W3C Widget specification, and this will be considered a development of open standards.

Will extensions in Opera be similar to extensions in other browsers?

Yes, Opera Extensions will be in many ways similar to those of other browsers, and we try to make them easy to port.

We are committed to open web standards, and this is an important part of our strategy, so if you notice that we have deviated from other similar solutions, then this may be the explanation.

What will the extensions look like?

Some extensions have user interface elements, but not all. For example, an extension might add a button after the Google Search field with a drop-down menu. Other extensions will not have an interface at all, but will work in the background.

How will I install Opera Extensions?

By installing Opera 11, you can click on the extension and a small installer window will appear. Click “Install” and you're done. You can also simply drag the extension file into the Opera window.

What APIs will be supported?

In the first version of Opera Extensions, we focus on open web standards and “do it right”. The alpha version will support injection JavaScript, callouts, some interface elements, and the main window and tab APIs.

How can I get Opera Extensions?

Opera Extensions are not ready yet. When Opera 11 comes out, you can try Opera Extensions.

Where can I find information on developing extensions?

When Opera 11 Alpha comes out, you can find all the information you need to develop and publish extensions on our site Opera Opera.

Where can I find Opera 11?

Opera 11 Alpha will be available soon at www.opera.com/browser/next .

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