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System reviews and ratings for product online stores

For the buyer in the online store (IM) is very important recommendations have already bought, product rating, reviews about it. Surely, everyone used Yandex.Market and imagines what it is.

A small screenshot for understanding

What does this give customers?

Many customers take something for the first time, and they would love to read reviews from the product from those who already bought it. Such an assessment is sufficiently objective, if, of course, the administrators of MI does not remove all negative reviews.

The purchase is much more satisfying when the product has five stars in the user rating, agree.

Plus, affiliate customers can be given discounts and different preferences in the store.

Usefulness for the administration of the store

But what opportunities it opens for managers of IM!

First, it’s the creation of a community around the store . People share ratings, reviews. Post it all in the social. network, where you can scoop new customers.

Next is almost free content for product pages . People write very relevant and relevant search engine reviews. Any SEOs will appreciate. Yes, even critical reviews are content too! But moderation of such things has not been canceled)

Cross-up selling . That is, this buyer also bought such a product. In conjunction with the rating and the status of the buyer, it works much more powerful than the usual "and even with this product take blah blah"

There is an additional slice to navigate buyers. Sort by user rating, by number of reviews.

Well, and additional analytics to clarify the niches of buyers, narrow targeted offers

Who will do this in Russian?

And now, actually, about the problem that prompted to write this post. I am very interested in such a module for my store. I corresponded with RateVoice , Power Reviews , BazaarVoice . All of them have an excellent service for this purpose for sane money (on average, $ 80-150 per month).

But they all have a hard minus - there is no interface, no templates in Russian. And nobody wants to rewrite this business. Apparently this is really difficult and unprofitable.

I really would like such a module (I don’t think I'm alone), I’m ready to pay for it. There are also tolerable startups in runet. Just recently a nice copy started. I do not think that this is extremely hard work for good programmers.

In general, I threw the idea. If there is something similar in Russian, tell me. If there are those who are ready to take it - with pleasure the PR will become the first customer.

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