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Bing integrates support for Facebook Like It

Great news. The search engine Bing announced a partnership with the social network Facebook to get the public data of the Like It buttons, which are now available on almost every website.

In a short time, the Bing issue will offer users options for search results approved by their friends. Below is an example given in the Bing team announcement.

The user is looking for restaurants in San Francisco and in addition to the normal issuance receives results related to the recommendations of his friends, in this case, a friend named Adam Sohn recommended the institution Alexander's Steakhouse.

This integration will have a huge impact on the search. Now doing a search for a book on some technology, you will see the recommendations of several of your friends from Facebook and, depending on your opinion of the person, you will prefer this or that option. You are looking for information about a movie title and you see friends who recommend this movie. Search becomes personal !


In fact, there are a lot of options for using Like it, and this innovation gives Bing a huge competitive advantage, at least until this opportunity appears in other search engines.

Another opportunity in Bing will be to search people on Facebook:


In addition to people who are already in your friends, you can find the name of a person who is friends with your friends and immediately go to his page on Facebook.

For more information about the agreement between Bing and Facebook can be found in the official announcement , there is also a video with the presentation of new features. Innovations will be available to users soon.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106124/

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