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The creators of an unpretentious accessory for iPhone 4 are financed 10 times more than requested.

Glif The creators of the original design holder for the iPhone 4, Thomas Gerhard and Dan Provost (Thomas Gerhardt and Dan Provost) received more than $ 100k to finance their ideas and continue to gain momentum. Initially, they declared the need to be ten times smaller. Money is collected through the site Kickstarter - a platform for the collective financing of creative ideas.

The holder, called the authors of "Glif", is an adapter for attaching the iPhone 4 on conventional tripods plus a stand that allows you to install the smartphone tilted on flat surfaces.

“Glif” will be made from Santopren - a material similar to hard rubber. According to the developers, this material is pleasant to the touch and securely holds the smartphone. In addition, Santopren is recycled again, which will appeal to fighters for environmental cleanliness.

According to the designers, the idea of ​​creating Glif'a came to them when they realized that the iPhone was literally the best camera they had. In addition to recording HD video and photos with high dynamic range (HDR), it was clear that Apple is positioning the iPhone as a high-quality portable camera. But because of its small size, the iPhone does not have a tripod mount, standard for the vast majority of cameras and camcorders. And although there are solutions for mounting the iPhone on a tripod, they are usually sloppy and cumbersome. “Our goal was to create something small, simple and elegant,” say the authors.
On the personal page of the project for $ 28 you can pre-order with international delivery or for $ 250 (without taking into account the cost of the road, of course) get not only Glif, but also the opportunity to dine with its developers in New York.

Video demonstrating how Glif works:

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