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heavy designer life

I read here recently:

After 1990, Prada decided to rethink the traditional design of its stores. Headquartered in Milan, the head office of the company took the creation of non-trivial spaces saturated with new technologies and called epicenters as the main line of development. “Titanic forces” of world-famous architects, in particular the well-known OMA, are involved in their creation. "

if suddenly all the rich uncles in the head of the head wake up top designers for their mercantile purposes? Well this is terrible. we, mere mortals, will have no work left.

Dear Habralyudidy designers and the original, can invent a new way to identify the designer's topovosti? and in general, what do you think about the increasing trend of the brand and our once quiet and calm sphere?

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Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10612/

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