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New Valve Project

A fresh development of Valve has just been announced . This is the port of the popular map for Warcraft 3 - Defense of the Ancients: Allstars. The project called Dota 2 has been forging for a year together with the current map developer Icefrog . The preliminary release is scheduled for 2011.

What will it be? Little information. There is a lot of water in the announcement. It is reliably known that this will be a full-fledged game for PC and Macs with the Source engine (which guarantees excellent graphics). The developers promise to fully save the gameplay. Plus built-in tips for newbies, team-spike and decorations in the form of achivok and skins for them. The whole thing, of course, on Steam 'e.
For those who do not know: DotA is an action-rs five by five on the engine of the third Warcraft. It is distributed in the form of a card to this very Warcraft and hosting the fresh patch laid out is being swept away by a multi-million herd by a stream of fans. Wikipedia will continue .

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