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ngmoco bought for $ 400 million

The TechCrunch blog reports that ngmoco, known to many lovers of IDEs by its beautiful games, has been successfully sold to DeNA, a company specializing in social gaming projects in Asian countries. The amount of the transaction - 400 million dollars. 300 million of them will go to ngmoco shareholders and employees. Where the remaining 100 million will be spent is not yet decided, but I think this will not cause any problems.

Let me remind you that the company ngmoco, created by people from Electronic Arts from scratch, for two years has become one of the most successful studios involved in the development of games for iOS. We will expect new excellent projects from the guys, considering that they will now be able to take advantage of previously inaccessible resources.
That's what I understand - a successful startup and a beautiful way out! Another example of how big a role a powerful team plays in a project.
When are our “domestic” teams able to do their business so clearly and with understanding of the matter?
Hurry! I wish all colleagues success and not less successful deals!


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106114/

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