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Canon's Uniflow 5 system blocks copying operations using the keywords contained in the document.

Canon showed Uniflow 5 - the latest version of a document management system that can prevent printing or copying documents containing predefined keywords.

Uniflow is a comprehensive system that allows you to centrally manage printers, scanners, copiers and MFPs. This allows you to take into account how much and by whom it was printed - a necessary thing for specialists who are paid on time or in terms of the amount of work done, such as lawyers or architects. The complex consists of a server Uniflow and Canon Uniflow-compatible devices.

The latest version of the system has a security system based on keyword control. Configured by the administrator, the system prevents attempts to print, scan, copy, or fax documents containing forbidden keywords, such as client names or project code names.

The server will ask the administrator for confirmation of the user's actions by sending a PDF copy of the document. The system can also notify the user via e-mail that his actions have been blocked, but without specifying the keyword that caused the lock, for security.
The Uniflow 5 Keyword Recognition System uses OCR technology, licensed from the Belgian company Iris, mainly used to convert scanned images into editable text. Canon UK representatives admitted that users who defined a keyword can bypass the ban simply by replacing some letters with numbers, for example, writing z00 instead of zoo.

However, the benefits of this feature are obvious to any organization working with confidential documents to protect data, comply with legal regulations, or trade secrets. Canon representatives did not specify when Uniflow 5 compatible products go on sale.

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