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We opened our first online store in 2003

It was the first tuning shop with delivery on the day of order. For two students who had just graduated from college, this seemed like a good idea. Most importantly, there was a personal interest in the topic of street racing and tuning cars. On hand was $ 600 from the previous salary and the desire to do something of their own. They registered the LLC, collected the supplier database by visiting MIMS and filling the site with content.

While studying at the institute, we created an information portal for street racing and we had where to get potential buyers. About SEO and contextual advertising, we still did not know. We received the first order for the taillights for WV Golf 3, went to the supplier, paid for the goods, took them to the customer and received about 2000 r for 2 hours of movements. For young students it was something fantastic! We could immediately divide this money in half and wait for the next order.

After some time, it became possible, by acquaintance, to move from home to office, without paying rent. And then we ran into problems - due to the lack of working capital, it was impossible to purchase even the best selling positions, working together as managers and couriers, we could only complete 3-4 orders per day. It's time to take the first courier. The first employee became the first experience in managing people, as well as first expenses (in addition to kopecks for Internet, hosting and telephone).
Very soon it came to the realization that constantly dangling by car to the supplier (otherwise it was almost impossible to get there) and delivering 5-6 orders a day we are marking time and rest on the availability of goods in our own warehouse. Profit without a warehouse was so small that after 6 months of work it allowed the two founding founders only to pay 2 vouchers at that time a very popular country Turkey.

We needed to urgently change something and we received (again, as an acquaintance) an interest-free loan of $ 10,000 for the purchase of a warehouse.

After that, we came to several online stores and several offline stores with a turnover of $ 4 million a year, learned how to use direct advertising, open other stores in parallel, receive a deferment of payment from suppliers, manage a staff of 30 people, and share with my thoughts on the development of specialized online stores in Russia, I would like in subsequent posts, but unfortunately, at one time I did not devote enough time to reading smart sites and, as a result, I was not registered on this site when it was possible without much effort.

Hopefully, my first post was interesting to read.

PS On October 14-15, I attended the “Electronic Commerce 2010” conference from Oborot.ru. I am still in a state of overloaded brain with information and ideas, but nonetheless in complete admiration!

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