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Samsung Omnia 7 (I8700) Video Release on WP7

Samsung Omnia 7 (I8700) on WP7 As we wrote earlier , on September 30 in London, Samsung and Microsoft officially announced about joint cooperation in the smartphone market and choosing Windows Phone 7 as one of the main operating systems for the company's smartphone line.

Under Habrakat, we are pleased to present you seven video clips with a demonstration of the Omnia 7 (I8700) device, allowing you to evaluate not only the device itself, but also Windows Phone 7. say that most likely it will happen only in 2011. The reason is that Microsoft is not yet ready for localization for our market.

General acquaintance



User interface


Another general video review

Sample video shot


Closer to the beginning of next week, we plan to publish a short interview with Oleg Budegichev, who was already lucky enough to hold Omnia 7 in his hands. If you have any questions for him on this device, then you can send them to me in inbox, I will try to reveal them in the next article.

Bonus: official promo-site of the device

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106104/

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