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YouTube 2011 is looking for talented performers

Known to many virtual orchestra, a project created at the initiative of YouTube, now announced that he needs performers, and talented. Soon will be the performance of YouTube 2011, which will be physically held in Australia. It is worth recalling that YouTube began the project with a concert at Carnegie Hall, where an orchestra of 90 musicians from 30 countries performed, including a violinist surgeon and a professional cellist poker player.

The announcement of a new set of musicians was made at Carnegie Hall, mentioned above, where the project team announced a search for a new group of musicians. According to the initiative group of the project, they check how classical music is relevant in our time of information technology.
In order to be noticed, a musician must post a video of his performance to demonstrate his own abilities. In addition, any musician can perform an improvisation based on the work of Mason Bayt's Mothership.

The set will continue until November 28, after which the expert jury will select a group of musicians who were able to express themselves better than all others. And that's not it. Of the selected musicians will need to select the most-most, and this will be a community of YouTube users, numbering hundreds of millions of people. Selected musicians (their names will be announced on December 11) will work during the week on the performance program. The work will begin on March 13, and the rehearsals will be held both in a virtual mode and during a personal meeting of the musicians. Members of the London Symphony Orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic Society, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and others will take part in the classes.

The performance itself is scheduled for March 20, and will be broadcast on YouTube. Google is the sponsor of the whole event, but that’s understandable.

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