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Free magazine VR-Online

For several years now, we have been releasing a free magazine VR-Online for novice programmers and all those interested in computer-related topics. The first issue of the magazine was released in the distant 2000th year. Since then, we have made various experiments on the magazine: we modified the format, style, appearance, etc. This year we (the updated project team) decided to process everything qualitatively and now we want to show the result of our work to you. We are very interested in your opinion, and we hope that, with adequate and constructive criticism, we will be able to improve future numbers.

Little about the project

The idea and creation of the first versions of the project belongs to M. Flenov . Mikhail is a professional programmer as well as a journalist. He has written a large number of articles for various magazines (Hacker, Hacker Special, IT Special, Computer, etc.), as well as more than a dozen books (Bible C #, Bible Delphi, Delphi through the eyes of Hacker, Transact-SQL, Linux through the eyes of the hacker etc.). It was this man who initiated the history of VR-Online.

Initially, the magazine was created purely for novice programmers. Basically, all articles were devoted to programming in Delphi, as well as the use of other products from the once famous company Borland. Gradually, the project gathered its regular audience. Third-party authors appeared (before this, all articles were written by Mikhail), and in the journal itself new headings began to be created. Somewhere since 2001, the magazine has ceased to be purely for programmers. It often published stories, software reviews and various articles on topics one way or another connected with computers.
Mikhail retired from working on the project in 2007 and transferred all rights to the VR-Team. The next three years for the project were not the best. Magazines left irregularly, visitors were partially confused. In early 2010, it was decided to reanimate the project. Reforming the team, we immediately got down to business. We created a new site, revised the layout / content of the magazine, launched blogs, etc. 2010 - the year can be considered a new date of birth of the project.

Who is our magazine for?

In the magazine we write about everything that is primarily interesting to us. Currently it is: programming (C #, Delphi, 1C: Enterprise 8, Python, JavaScript, etc.), administration (wireless networks, Windows Server, Unix-like OS, etc.), creative (Stories, graphics ), interviews with interesting people, etc.

Who can become an author

If you are enthusiastic and you have something to tell, then it is very likely that you are right for us! Let's discuss the details;)

Last issue of the magazine

You can view the latest issue of our magazine in several ways:

1. Download PDF version (~ 11 Mb) from the official page

2. Read on the service issuu.com

Enjoy reading!

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