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Multiple accounts on one card

At the recent financial technology exhibition Finovate in Pittsburgh , an interesting development by Dynamics was presented : a programmable plastic card. By pressing a button, it can change the record on the magnetic strip, so that the same card can be used for debiting from several bank accounts.

For example, you can bind both a salary card and a credit card to a single piece of plastic (MultiAccount option).

This card can be used for different purposes. For example, the Redemption option is designed for scoring on the cumulative program. Two buttons allow you to choose from which account to pay for the purchase: money from a bank account or accumulated points. The red indicator highlights which option is currently active.

Another option is a Hidden card with an additional degree of protection. A part of the number is hidden on it, and to activate the card you need to enter the password using five buttons on the front surface - then the number will appear completely and the card can be calculated.

It is assumed that such a card is protected from copying information in case of loss. True, this makes little sense, because the copying of cards most often occurs at the time of payment, and not after a loss.

Each programmable card works more than three years from one recharge

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