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Unicode 6 standard released, over 2000 additional characters

Today a new version of Unicode has become available. Version 6.0.0 of the industry standard for coding, processing and presenting text is also the first version released exclusively online.

The new standard introduces many changes, including over 2000 new characters, new properties and data files, some adjustments to existing characters and some changes in the text of the standard itself. New letters include: more than 1000 special characters; Indian rupee sign - new official currency symbol; more than 200 combined ideograms used in China, Taiwan and Japan; three new styles - Mandiac (classical language of the Iranian region), Batak (Sumatra and Indonesia) and Brahmi (northern India), as well as improved support for African languages.

Part of this huge number of new characters are the so-called emoji characters. Similar to emoticons, they originate from Japanese mobile communications and are now widely used in the East Asian region. The Emoji set included in Unicode 6 was taken from the character set used by the three most popular mobile operators in Japan. This set includes such emotions as “Smiling face with horns”, “Downed table”, “Kiss the cat with closed eyes”. All of them can be found at this link (.pdf).
You can familiarize yourself with the Unicode standard at this link . Or learn about Emoji on the official Unicode page .

Under the cut table with characters Emoji.


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