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Our new project SHOPTUS

A little less than a year ago, talking with colleagues, discussing the recently released iPad and fantasizing about the future of site-building, I suggested that while we are all waiting for some changes in our market, they (these changes) have already occurred.

I argued that the production of sites in the classical form - an endangered genre, which will remain in demand only in the segment of medium and large businesses. I said that the segment of personal sites and pages has already changed beyond recognition. People no longer need their personal sites and sites, like, people. The user wants to receive complete services. He puts his photos on flickr, blogs on twitter, chatting with friends on VK, etc. Who needs to do on your website and player on it, if youtube is available?

I assumed that a similar story should occur in the segment of sites for small and medium businesses. While fantasizing about the future, I assumed that for a small company there would be no point in ordering a completely exclusive development of our own website. It is enough to make a base (template), and for all other tasks to use third-party services. It makes no sense to make your news feed when you can put a tape out of LJ or Twitter. It makes no sense to make your registration, if there are profiles from social networks. It is foolish to make your audio or video player. Why order your own development of an online store, if you can get a ready-made solution, set it up and just put yourself an appropriate script, just like we do it with youtube?
The idea hooked. Indeed, the volume of the market development of small and very cheap sites are huge. Only in Russia there are hundreds of thousands of sites annually, whose owners are not willing to spend more than $ 300, which are made by specialists alone on free scripts. Surprisingly, there are no such services for online stores yet? After all, such an external online store, in addition to the price, can have a number of advantages. This includes ready integration with payment systems, with external sites, such as Yandex.Market or Price.ru, the ability to automatically buy context. Even the content in some cases, you can immediately get ready.

So we started doing shoptus .

We decided to make an online store on the model of SaaS, which will allow you to get a shop window with goods and a basket and put this shop window on any external site. The idea was that an online store could be added to any website in just half an hour. And that's all. Sell, receive and process orders.

No sooner said than done. Yesterday we opened the first version of shoptus . Honestly, while we were doing it, similar projects have already appeared on the Internet, but this did not upset us at all, but on the contrary. So we are not alone and the idea is working. Of course, in the first version there is still no half of what was intended, but this is already a working concept from start to finish. Today you can create shops. And what else is curious, we want to offer users a business model, when they do not just pay for rent, and the cost of this lease directly depends on their sales through our store. Simply put, if there are no orders in the store, you do not need to pay for the service. If there are many orders, then the rent becomes more expensive. Although as an alternative, let's leave a more classic rental.

Separately, I will say that when promoting it, we will make a “channel” in the form of freelance partners. There is a whole army of specialists who make websites to order, but whose qualifications are not enough to develop an online store. Yes, they can make a customer design, impose it, maybe even “pull” a simple CMS. But if they need to add an online store to the site, Shoptus is a great solution. In this case, the freelancer not only solves the problem of the Customer, but also earns a commission. If you are interested in such cooperation, please contact us.

In general, meet shoptus .

Mikhail Tokovinin, Head of QSOFT

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