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Gas extinguishing system in the data center

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In this topic I want to tell you about the gas fire extinguishing system, which is equipped with a data center of the company.
Photos inside.

The e-Style Telecom data center uses a gas extinguishing system.
Gas cylinders in a suspended state are located in a specialized room.

The tightness of the cylinders is determined by their weight, this parameter is under constant control. When extinguishing the gas through the pipes comes out of the cylinders, they become lighter and rise to the supports.


In the engine room gas enters through pipes located in the ceiling zone and under raised floors.


Thus, extinguishing occurs from all sides.

When extinguishing with gas there is no liquid phase, therefore all equipment retains its physical parameters.

Unlike systems that use CO2, the gas fire extinguishing system allows you to extinguish equipment without damaging it, including under operating voltage.

I would like to note that many server rooms still use foam or water extinguishing systems, which damage equipment in the event of a fire.

Here is such a system.
The official website of the company, where, by the way, you can see a virtual tour of the data processing center, including the gas fire extinguishing system, located at: http://www.estt.ru/

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106086/

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