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In the domain. RF is not so sad as it might seem to someone! In the REG.Premium service, a new Internet Slang filter has appeared. Here, for example, several domains for the letters "a" and "b" that are already registered: aida.rf, alcoholic.rf, dabble.rf, bug.rf, baryga.rf, batya.rf, bib.rf, bibika. rf, bob.rf, bolty.rf, bot.rf, buhlo.rf, bb.rf. We ourselves are wondering how the owners will use these domains. Make assumptions or go and register your favorite words. From the free at the moment we can offer: abassaka.rf, aksti.rf, alen.rf, alkotresh.rf, afigensky.rf, blah blaa.rf, bugaga.rf :)

PS We always pay attention to the offers of Habrovtsev and therefore added to the service REG.Premium filter “Show only available for registration”, as advised us when starting the service . Use on health!


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106084/

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