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MAXIM's Epic File Magazine, or Hi, Losers

In the October issue of Maxim magazine, the User or Loser test was published, the meaning of which was the following: you need to answer a few questions about the Internet, and then calculate the points and determine whether the user or the loser. This is a pestle, and even with the chorus. According to the results of this test, we can safely say that the editors of Maxim are losers. Here are some examples:

Question number 4 - what are the restrictions on the volume of the mailbox. In the responses, the editorial staff kindly reports that the main mail services (Yandex, Mail and, attention, Gmail) do not limit the volume of the mailbox. Interestingly, for morons, dear edition, then buy from Google extra space for 5 bucks? Currently, the free mailbox per gmail is about 7 gigabytes (http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=6558).

Question number 5 - if God suddenly turns off the http protocol for you, will Skype, WoW and The Bat work? In the responses, the editors report that they will, because none of them use the http protocol, and in general, I quote, “HTTP is seriously outdated”. Dear editors, install yourself a sniffer and make sure that Skype sends its service requests via HTTP. WoW did not check.

Question number 3 - about the mode of private surfing. According to the magazine "Maxim", this "button in the browser, sweeping traces of your surfing." Dear editors, this button - “Erase recent history”, and in private mode you have to go before surfing. If you have already sent a request for porn with young people to Google, then you will not erase any information from the Internet with any buttons. However, the anonymous viewing mode almost does not guarantee anything.

Question number 7 - what messenger can you communicate with without fear of “wiretapping”. Among the answers there is “anyone with the word SSL or SSH in the settings,” but for some reason this option was recognized by the editors as incorrect. Without explanation. The correct answer is GTalk, although it is not in certain situations that it does not encrypt conversations (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Talk#Encryption)

Question number 8 - Maxim magazine thoughtfully concludes that you can’t save yourself from viruses, so you should regularly check your computer with antivirus, and better (attention) with a few. (However, it is not specified whether the editorial board advises to include several antiviruses at the same time, or recommends checking once a year.) Or switch to Mac. About Linux, which is typical, the editors either don’t know, or Jobs paid for it.

Question number 9 - Maxim magazine asks which of the films (list) can be downloaded without fear that they will put you in prison. And kindly reports that you can download the "Battleship Potemkin", because the seventy-year term of the exclusive rights to it has expired. Dear editors, remember:
a) besides the copyright itself, the film itself has copyright for its restoration, so it is still impossible to legally distribute Eisenstein’s works;
b) they will not imprison anyone, since copying for personal purposes is lawful and permitted by art. 1273 of the Civil Code (yet).

Question number 10 - "Maxim" authoritatively declares that the entry in the LJ is indexed by search engines, so even if you deleted it, it will remain in the cache; and recommends using social networks about this - their search engines do not index. Dear Maxim, it's not about a specific platform, but about the access rights that you give to your record. Public messages in social. networks are also indexed, as well as public records in LJ, and subzamochnye records in LJ are also not indexed, as well as private messages in the social. networks. In addition, Google is actively pushing the FB to provide access to private user data, so the value of your advice is about zero. This is not to mention the difference in formats LJ and FB.

Question number 11 - “Maxim” asks a tricky question, which of the requests is best to look for the date of birth of Roy Medvedev:
1. What year was Roy Medvedev born
2. "Roy Medvedev" -bees + was born (yes, that's right - no spaces, quotes "little trees")
3. Date of birth of Roy Medvedev
The correct answer, according to the editors, is №2. Apparently, no one thought to try to hammer it into a search engine - of course, Yandex gives the wrong answer, because in the Yandex syntax you need to put spaces, and the word is excluded using ~~, but not - (well, what little things, think, the largest Russian search engine ). In addition, the very conclusion of "Roy Medvedev" in quotes makes it meaningless to exclude the word "bees". Well, to the heap, the Maximov proofreader clearly does not understand that direct quotes and "Christmas trees" in the search query are two big differences.
Of course, the correct answer can be found for any request :)

Well, and so on.
Initially, I sent this text to the editors at maxim@maximonline.ru. In response, I received delivery fail. Angry, he sent to all the addresses found on the site - with the same result, incl. and with addresses from the fhm.ru domain. Fail, dear "Maxim", epic Fail. Visual demonstration of who is a loser. Now let's see if one of you is reading Habr.

With sincere greetings.

PS I agree to participate in the contest for the best letter of the month!

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