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Touch player

No matter how mysterious the headline sounds, the player itself is fairly ordinary and simple, but with a couple of sensors. Although, in its simplicity lies a certain charm. There is nothing superfluous. Only the screen, the lock button and headphone out.

I think this is an interesting representative of its kind, even though it looks primitive.

Since this player is traditional, the review will be traditional. And forgive me, I'll start with the box, because need to see everything. Fortunately, it is small here, but beautiful.

Putting all its contents on the table we get about such a set.


Grade more than full. I never met napkins and tapes before in the shipments of players. Well, on this introductory part is over, let's move on to the player itself and understand what kind of sensors it has.

But first you need to know the specifications. As they say, than to see a hundred photos, it is better to look at TTX once.


Externally, the player looks quite nice. Black matte case, comfortable in the hand. The screen is a couple of millimeters sunk into the body, so that the probability of its splitting is lower. The opaque case, of course, leaves on itself prints, but is much less, than glossy. The material is not only matte, but also the feeling that rubberized. At least in the fall, no damage appeared.

On top of the player is a “hole” Reset, a miniature microphone and a hole for mounting a strap or string. Maybe someone else likes to wear a player around his neck.

And at the bottom there is a headphone jack and a cap, behind which is the miniUSB input and microSD memory card slot. Included is not, but you can insert any, but up to 16GB. Yes, and you can replace. On one - movies, on the other music. And of course, there is 2GB of internal memory, which is also a sin not to use.

From the left side there is nothing, but on the right there is a lever for turning off the screen and locking the player. If anyone remembers, on the phone ASUS P570 was similar. Convenient thing, I am sorry that the spring inside there breaks pretty quickly.

Well, for sweets - there is a speaker at the back, so if you have to give friends a song somewhere or listen to a funny clip, you can easily do it. Of course, the speaker is very mediocre and you don’t have to enjoy its sound, but it’s quite possible to listen to something light.

Another "chip" is that when you click on the screen, the player vibrates, which improves the human-device connection. This is convenient because You can switch the track in your pocket and understand that the button is pressed.


So, sensors. There are two of them in this player. Well, first of all, it is a touch screen, which is made using resistive technology, that is, it reacts to the stylus and fingers. And secondly, of course, this is the G-sensor, the so-called accelerometer. Thanks to him, you can rotate the player as you like, and everything that is displayed on it will always be addressed to you. This is convenient because You can keep it both vertically and horizontally.

The player supports the most widespread formats of music, video and graphic files. And also, it can be used to read texts.

The interface is quite simple and clear, so that everyone can deal with it.
This is, for example, the music playback menu. Everything you need is displayed on the screen and you do not have to go anywhere to adjust the sound or change the track.

In addition to playing music and videos, there is also a radio, a stopwatch, a voice recorder, a photo viewer, and even a calendar. In general, if he also called, he would have made a standard phone.

As for the battery charging, it lasts for a whole day of listening. Or to watch a couple of movies. Not only, of course, but let's hope that in other models it will be provided.


I cannot call the quality of reproduction excellent. At 4-. Loud, clear, heard the bass. But something is missing, the fullness of the sound or something. A little noise, even in the headphones, not to mention the playback from the speakers. Enjoy the instrumental in Bach's symphonies, but you will spoil the sensations. But listening to something on the road is quite normal. If you need to go to Nirvana, lying on the couch with headphones in your ears, then it is better to choose something more qualitative. The sound is a bit harsh, but if you adjust the equalizer, you can achieve an acceptable result.

As already noted in the comments - the sound matches the price.


This is one of the most sensitive issues when choosing a player. But here you can relax. The player costs 1750r. Agree, it is cheaper than any iPods. So, I think, for those who need a player without buttons - this RF-9300 is quite suitable


The pros and cons are described in my opinion. You can disagree with them, it is the right of everyone.

+ Package
+ Touch screen and accelerometer
+ Abundance of functions
+ Price

- Little holds battery
- Sound

Inexpensive player with wide functional. If you need a workhorse - then this is the thing. And the video plays, and music, and the radio is. All that is needed in the player is present here, even more. And of course, the race for new technologies made it touch, so it meets all the technical and design standards.

PS To understand the dimensions.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106078/

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