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Yandeks.Novosti: Ekaterinburg captures the world

I went to Yandex, I decided to look local news. Usually there is one or two news off topic. But today, Yandex surprised me.

An unexpected start. The full version surprises even more.

It feels like the administration of Yekaterinburg has captured the whole world.

UPD: News suddenly updated
Hurricane Paula Risks High in Mexico
In Moscow, a drunk driver of an SUV rammed a minibus
Luzhkov will not interfere in the appointment of a new mayor of Moscow
The municipality promised to build folk garages only with the consent of the residents
MIA will ensure census security
Transport Ministry Presents Investment Projects in Ilyichevsk and Southern Ports for $ 400 Million
Health Ministry: the need of the Russian Federation for labor migrants decreases
Chelyabinsk requests the Supreme Court to repeal the "dry law" for drivers
In "Interfax" change phone number codes
The Cabinet proposed to recognize the depressed mining townships
1.9% of Bashkortostan residents do not support the first steps of Rustem Khamitov
At the Lithuanian camp in Afghanistan the suicide bomber blew up
In Khakassia, the case on the fact of murder due to a million rubles
Over the past day, 7 people suffered from the elements
China has become the world's largest energy consumer.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106077/

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