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Sony announced TVs that support Google TV

As promised, at the presentation on October 12, Sony introduced the first TVs with support for Google TV technology. The whole line of these TVs will go on sale on Saturday, and not at a particularly high price (at least in the USA - we, of course, can safely put the coefficient * 2, if not * 3). With the advent of such TVs, we, the users, have a great opportunity to rummage through the Web, without resorting to computers or mobile devices, everything is on TV.

The latter, with HD support, are models with a diagonal from 24 to 46 inches, with a recommended price for retailers - from 600 to 1,400 dollars. Sony will start selling Google TV-enabled TVs on Saturday at its online store. In addition, next week TV will appear in other online and offline stores.
According to the developers, TVs with the Google TV system cost about $ 200-400 more than regular TVs with similar characteristics (I have a question here - how much does a 46-inch HD TV in the United States, for example, cost?) . The company's management hopes that sales will go well, because the systems are really quite interesting. As practice shows, people are willing to pay more for original gadgets, if, firstly, “originality” really means additional functionality or user-friendly design, and secondly, if the manufacturing company has conducted a good marketing campaign. An example is the notorious Apple with its iPhones / iPods.

True, a specialist from Forrester Research, James MacKiwie, says that he is not at all convinced that Sony & Google can really convince customers that their televisions are what should be in every home. Other analysts join this view, arguing that now the price level still plays a more important role than even a couple of years ago, and users, seeing the increased prices on TV, will abandon “Internet TVs” in favor of conventional ones.

In any case, the possibility of surfing the web through your favorite TV looks attractive to many, so these TVs will find their buyer. Well, we are waiting for the appearance of TV on sale and the first reviews of those who have already tested them at work ...

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