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Five favorite iPad apps for primary school

It is hard to imagine such a headline applicable to high school in Russia. But there are countries where iPads are actively implemented in primary school education processes. Recently, an article by Australian Phil Donahue, titled " 5 Favorite Apps for Elementary School iPads ", was published in the Geekdad blog in the popular science magazine Wired.com .

Interestingly, (citation): "The Department of Education and Child Development (Australian State of Victoria), with the appearance on the market, iPad has acquired 500 devices and decided to conduct an experiment in schools. It was decided to provide each student with a separate device, therefore The experiment was conducted in only a few state schools. I believe you also would like to be in one of these schools . "

But my post is not just about that.
One of the “Favorite Apps” was the Quintura Kids application (quote): "The application is a search engine designed specifically for children. This is an ideal way to engage children in the process of learning digital technologies - searching for information on the network and assessing its quality, learning in an environment which is much more fun and safer for kids than Google. This search engine is also implemented online, but using the application is much safer and great for schools that restrict children's access to Safari. "

In addition to Quintura, the list includes
Whiteboard hd
Math magic
Montessori Crosswords

It is remarkable that, of all the many applications suitable for schoolchildren, the New Zealander noted precisely this, made in the Moscow region and existing in two languages. There is an application " Quintura Children " in Russian. In addition, there is an online version of the search engine " Quintura for Children ". And, a little developing the theme of the Internet for children, I will write that the children's search engine uses the CyberPap Internet filter for children. Thus, Russian children have much more opportunities for safe and fascinating surfing than for New Zealand.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106066/

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