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Microsoft announces software to synchronize Windows Phone 7 devices with Macs


Microsoft is going to make the unthinkable - to release software to synchronize smart phones running WP7 with "mac". According to representatives of the representatives, the beta version of an unexpected software product will be available “later, in 2010,” owners of Apple computers will be able to download an application under OS X, which allows “syncing certain content” between the two platforms.

There is no detailed information yet, but one news about such a contact of two religions is interesting. Comrades from Redmond finally realized that Apple fans might still be interested in the Windows Phone mobile platform. And here is the quote that should be cast in "granite":
Later, in 2010, Microsoft will make available a public beta software tool that allows you to sync certain content between Windows Phone 7 and Mac computers.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106059/

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