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Alexey Komissarov - Head of the Business Incubator of the Academy of National Economy

With your permission, I place here a link to a practically biographical article of a person who has learned quite well over the past year, and cooperation with which brings our team great pleasure.


How not to quarrel with a business partner. Six tips from Alexei Komissarov, general director of Avtoremontnye Sistemy, based on personal experience. Lesson 1. Business partners

The material is published on Forbes.ru. Heading "Business Lessons". The author is Alexey Komissarov.
Reading the article, I thought that the case of Alexei is still a pleasant exception to the rule, when a business is built on friendship, and not friendship on business.

My first attempts at creating my own business, when the circle of your acquaintances was your friends and colleagues, ended with the loss of a serious part of your savings and the winding down of projects. And, thank God, that we managed to maintain relationships with friends that were not corrupted by money and mutual obligations.

A year ago at RIW I was fortunate enough to meet wonderful guys. Together we created GreenfieldProject - a platform to support technology startups at an early stage. And in the winter of 2009, met Alexey.

Since spring, Alexey has been developing the Business Incubator of the Academy of National Economy , of which he is a teacher and adviser to the rector. The site was launched in May 2010 and on October 19 a selection event is planned, where future residents will be identified from among the projects that sent us their applications during the summer. Our team is recruited as consultants and an external incubator operator.

I do not know whether to envy those who will become its residents. If then, a few years ago, people with experience stood behind my projects, and some of the bones would not exist (as you can use the resources of the incubator), we would probably achieve more. On the other hand, their own bumps are filled, the value of which cannot be compared to any, even the most correct advice.

Alexey writes: "Finding successful partners is very difficult." Oh yeah! Perhaps that is why, despite the high utilization of the main business, he chose the format of the incubator and gives him a lot of time and resources. It is not enough just to prepare the premises and computers for residents. An incubator is a whole infrastructure, which includes an educational program, relationships with the investment community, constant communications with projects and the industry.

The nearest open event, which will be held under the auspices of the Business Incubator of the ANE, is the Harvest startup tournament .

The Academy of National Economy is one of the largest managerial universities in Russia. The Academy is a multi-level research and educational complex that implements a model of continuing education, within which programs of higher and secondary professional education are carried out. More than half of the graduates of the MBA and eMBA programs in Russia received a degree in the Academy of National Economy.

GreenfieldProject is a launching pad for high-tech start-up projects, communication among potential entrepreneurs and people who are interested in working in start-up projects.

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