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Industrial robot Panasonic “Parallel link” is able to learn new movements

Perhaps this robot is not the most interesting copy from the Panasonic robot line, however, the “Parallel link” is one of the most important developments of the company in robotics.


The new machine not only consumes 50% less electricity than the usual "one-armed" industrial robots, but is also able to learn new movements in the most effective way: the specialist simply shows how to make new movements by moving the robot's hands with his hands - the machine remembers the movements and can later reproduce they are something like live macro recordings.
Moreover, the price is within “reasonable” limits, as the manufacturer claims - but I think that you should be a very rich person if you want this piece of iron to help you around the house, for example ... :)

Upd: Video .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106048/

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