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Which browser is faster?

Of course, this question will seem rhetorical to many. However, recently, Apple has presented very unexpected results of its own benchmarking tests of popular browsers. Ethics do not allow me to call these results fraudulent and untrue, so I will have to abandon the idea of ​​calling these results fraudulent and untrue, which means that I will not call these results fraudulent and untrue.
Instead, in order to remain in a constructive way, I decided to conduct my own rapid test of browser performance, namely, page rendering speed and JavaScript performance.
Studies have undergone browsers Opera 9.21, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 6.0.2900. Testing was conducted on the hardware configuration AMD Sempron 2600 / DDR 512 + 256, running Windows XP SP2.
To find out the speed of displaying pages, I chose the main pages of Yandex , Habrahabr and my blog . Then I created local copies of these pages (so as not to take into account the load time) and put in each js, counting the duration of rendering.
For the purity of the experiment, each page was rendered in each browser 5 times, then the average values ​​were taken.
The results were as follows:

Taking the average deviations from the average, we obtain the following results:
IE+ 18%

To test JavaScript performance, a synthetic script was written that performs a large variety of operations with both embedded JS objects and DOM objects. Then this test was 5 times (for cleanliness) launched in each of the browsers. The results (average execution time, ms) are shown in the table below:

As you can see, the results of these studies once again confirm what we already knew: Opera is the fastest browser, Firefox is a bit slower and Internet Explorer is the slowest.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10604/

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