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How to fit full time at 3 o'clock


With the Allen system I was introduced about two years ago. I started using Vasya Kislogo's option using the HTC Touch Pro, but the device’s glitch was a big obstacle to mastering the system, and the Successor itself did not provide the necessary level of understanding. I had to part with GTD for a while.

Since then, much has changed. The number of cases and tasks requiring attention has increased significantly. As the level of responsibility for unsuccessful or late decisions. The need for an assistant became so significant that it led to real emotional discomfort.

Attempts to keep the mobile version of the system in Nokia E63 using “Active Notes” led to the purchase of David Allen’s book, the revision of V. Sour’s article, the acquisition of the stable, albeit old HTC P3400 (and later HTC’s more modern product) and the introduction of a paper, physically tangible part of this system.
The result of the processing was a strict variation of my authorship on the theme of David Allen in the processing of Vasya Sour. Thanks to her, the work began to take no more than 3 hours a day. But during this time I manage to do really a lot.

Following these principles, I come to work by 11-12 o'clock, I work closely and without distraction until 15 o'clock. At 15 o'clock I go to the hall to shuffle the pieces of iron, I come to the office by 17-30, I work through all of the accumulated from 15 o'clock in half an hour. And I'm going home.

While I did not understand and did not adapt the Allen system for myself, my working day was not limited to 8 hours in the office. I had to work at home in the evening.

Who cares, I ask under the cat.

About GTD in a few words

Usually, the advantages of this personal productivity management system are one thing: forget about things until the right moment. And remember at the right time. Of course it is. However, this advantage is not the only one.

Following the principles of GTD, you achieve much more. Using the system provides a high degree of conscious, reasonable control is not just over the affairs that Allen calls "routine". I would call it a victory over routine. Victory over the mountain of affairs, dozens of letters, inattentive employees, failed orders. Victory, the fruit of which is the opportunity to do and do what you want, not what you have to. Complete change of motion vector. From responding to incoming stimuli to implementing your own projects, achieving your own goals. Sbychu dream.

How is a similar result achieved? The tools themselves and, as I use them, I will describe in posts devoted to the technique of work in the system. Now - the principles.

The first principle is to reduce all information flows (to you and from you) into one place.

Everything that happens to you that deserves the least attention or requires the smallest intervention should be reflected in one place. In order to be able to cover the whole picture with one glance. At any time you should be able to assess the state of all affairs. In the shortest possible time.

The second principle is accurate knowledge of where and what is found from case-related materials.

Despite the convenient search in Windows 7, Gmail, the ability to quickly find information on the Internet, business-related materials should settle in a well-defined place. To be at hand and instantly, without reflection and delay, to be retrieved at the right moment. Without reflection and delays - keywords.

The third principle is the division of cases into elementary, most elementary, primitive actions.

Which do not require any thinking, no delays before execution. Actions are performed with the brain turned off. He worked before, defining the essence and procedure.

Following these principles, a person creates:
  1. a single array of links to all affairs and tasks
  2. orderly, easily accessible repository of materials necessary for the performance of affairs,
  3. plans elementary steps that do not require reflection on their implementation and easily performs them.

The consequence of the principles is a balanced state of mind, brains free for thought. Ultimately, profit).

In the following posts I will look at the tools with which you can successfully follow the principles of the system.

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