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Fresh technology from id Software - id Tech 5 ™

Speech by Steve Jobs at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2007 ( WWDC-2007 ) in San Francisco on June 11, 2007 caused a stir. In the hour and a half that the presentation lasted, the head of APPLE managed to drop several powerful bombs. The new version of MacOS X 10.5, nicknamed LEOPARD , Apple's Safari 3 browser in Windows, simultaneous release of fresh blockbusters from EA on PC and Macs, iPhone sales start date ... and fresh technology from id Software modestly called id Tech 5 ™.

id Tech 5, which supports Windows, MacOS X, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is announced as the first true technology for a new generation of platforms. It is based on the MegaTexture concept, tested by John Carmack during the creation of the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. The new engine allows you to completely eliminate the limitations imposed by the amount of available video memory on artists and level designers - now they can tamp down as many textures as they like into the game.
John Carmack
Jobs demonstrated the track from a racing arcade running on Macintosh running MacOS X. The level consisted entirely of unique textures with a total volume of 20 GB. With the help of special tools, artists are free to change the world at the level of individual pixels, and their actions will not hurt performance. In addition to the easy-to-use editor, id promises equally fast work with highly detailed open and closed spaces.

The new top-secret project from the Doom authors (is this really a racing arcade?), Of course, will use id Tech 5. In addition, the studio is already accepting applications to purchase licenses. Further details about the promising engine will be revealed during the E3 Media & Business Summit, which will be held in California from July 11 to 13.

In a word - 'the ice was broken, gentlemen of the jury' ... Is there any more? The most interesting is yet to come!
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