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Cyberorganic. Pros and cons

In these rainy autumn days, we decided to somehow diversify everyday life and ask you to think about the latest technologies. Or rather, a new round of evolution that awaits us in the near future. Biocompatible electronic implants are the future that will make everyone happy! Or will not do? We want to know your opinion in all details.

Strengthen the body’s natural abilities or add new ones to it, insert a screen on the iris of the eye, add neurons to the brain is not as good as it looks at first glance? Do you want to have a phone in a tooth or a hand that draws up to nanometer?
Tell us about your attitude to implants in the human body in the contest in October: are you for or against ?
UPD: At the moment there are problems, so save your thoughts in your head or in a file, and when we fix everything, post.

So, a specific task for the contest:

We do not limit the size, style and quantity of your work. Post an essay on the pros and cons of biological implants will need to blog competition (It is called October 2010 !). The competition starts with the post publication, October 12 and ends on October 31.

We hope that there will be intellectual people, there will be interesting thoughts, ideas, discussions.

Representatives of both camps will evaluate the competition: transhumanists, who are sure that they need to combine human and technology, and bioconservatives, who are convinced that the person is ideal and that he does not need anything extra.

October will be hot! Write a blog post to October 2010!

And of course, the most convincing works will be awarded.
1. Asus EEE PC 1201PN Netbook

2. Monitor 23 "TFT ASUS AS VH232T

3. Multimedia player ASUS O! Play Air HDP-R3

I think, even for prizes, it is worth thinking and telling whether you want to have a TV in your eye or not.
Good luck!

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