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Have you heard about the conference of developers of high-loaded systems HighLoad ++?

We invite all habrovtsev on HighLoad ++ - one of the most famous professional events of the Runet.


Before the beginning of the fourth conference of developers of high-loaded systems HighLoad ++ less than two weeks remained.
Already received more than fifty applications for speeches (acceptance of applications continues). The best of them are posted here .

The following guests confirmed their visits to Russia:
+ Stoyan Stefanov from Yahoo! with the report “Progressive Downloads and Rendering”;
+ James Golick with the report "Scaling to Hundreds of Millions of Requests: What Worked and What Didn't";
+ Robert Johnson from FaceBook with a story about the architecture of the largest social network;
+ “Developing PostgreSQL Performance” by Simon Riggs;
+ Peter Zaitsev from Percona with a story about diagnosing and fixing MySQL performance problems.

Negotiations are underway with Microsoft developers, as well as with several well-known hackers in the Unix, Ruby and Erlang world. The organizers promise interesting reports from real practitioners, using many tools at a low-level level. In this case, it will be presented not marketing, but practical information.

This year, several original studies will be presented at the conference, which we recommend to pay attention to:

+ Theory of disorder from Yandex (prediction of potential problems and failures in the work of large clusters);
+ James Golick study of the new "fashion" trends (clouds, etc.);
+ Two Russian studies for the "clouds" and against (the topics are still being clarified);
+ Native Client from Eugene Eltsin from Google. NaCl allows you to run client web applications that require a lot of resources. An order or two faster than JavaScript.

In addition, a story is expected from Alexander Krizhanovsky and .masterhost about "Modifying the kernel FreeBSD, Apache and MySQL for a significantly faster change of the UID of the server to run the PHP script."

Or “Annual report on DDOS (attacks on DNS,“ not greedy ”botnets, attacks on Yandex index (black seo), high-speed attacks, the position of the state and the Ministry of Internal Affairs)” from Alexander Lyamin.

Of course, the organizers of HighLoad ++ could not get past the social networks - an excellent case from Maxim Lapshin about the most popular VKontakte application (more than four million users) - “Acceleration of Hypocrites”.

And that is not all!
Interesting? Softkey, information partner of the conference, invites to join !

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