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Argadnet.com site trailer

Compete with the first job is not easy. Therefore, of all the site trailers we have made, the second we publish is the Argadnet project trailer to avoid any comparisons :)

I would also like to indicate two points in connection with this work:
  1. Thanks a lot to Google for promoting videos in a similar style;
  2. For us, this was an experiment, since the customer already had the necessary illustrations for the video. Consequently, this piece of work was removed from us. We, on our part, made all the animation, licensed the music, added sounds, recorded a professional British speaker, and generally made sure that everything looked European.
The experiment seemed successful to us, therefore, if you are ready to take on the creation of illustrations for such a movie, we are ready to make a serious discount on the development of the trailer (the only thing I can say at once is, this applies only to similar videos and only illustrations)

Enjoy watching:

A word to the authors of the Argadnet project:

The goal of the Argadnet project was to make advertising more effective by adding a game component to the process of advertising user interaction. Then, back in 2005, the initial idea was to create only a quest game (treasure hunt), but as the idea was polished and the market was studied, the game was transferred to the platform, creating / maintaining / generating games to third-party developers, providing they have an API for creating these same games and advertisers.

The essence of the quest game is to perform a sequence of tasks in order to get a large prize fund (formed from contributions from advertisers). In the process of searching for a solution, the user will have to visit the advertiser's site or the sales page, or fill in the registration form, or, for starters, find the site itself, or ... A specific task is limited only by the developer’s imagination and the advertiser’s requirements.

As a result, the user receives intellectual entertainment and the opportunity to win a cash prize, and the advertiser is an effective advertising tool.

At the moment we are in a closed beta - we catch bugs and prepare the first game.

Why did we choose Trailers Studio? The answer is obvious - we needed a quality product for reasonable money. It turned out that in Odessa everything is quite bad with this. Therefore, we turned our attention to Moscow colleagues. Well, in order to save money, they took over the drawing of the scenes and the idea of ​​the movie. The result was satisfied. The guys from the studio professionally approached the issue and did everything we wanted from them.

Dima Magunov,
founder of Argadnet.com

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106020/

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