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Bicycle Liquidator: Part 2

Proceeding from the fact that the first article gathered up a lot of advantages and got into the favorites of a large number of people, I realized that the topic is relevant and firstly I urge the community to catch up (after all, I cannot know absolutely all the libraries and solutions), and secondly I will continue with my forces talk about what libraries can pull up if you need to do something instead of doing all new and new bikes, consisting of water pipes.

In this topic I will touch on an important topic for many - the topic of drawing graphs in the .NET platform. Remember: after all, it was probably once necessary to display a beautiful chart ... And what happened? That's right, a new bike appeared.

Part one of the series

DynamicDataDisplay (D 3 )

This is a library of dynamic data visualization controls implemented on the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technology.

The library uses optimal data binding mechanisms, and with its help you can visualize graphs that are built on a large number of points (up to several million), in real time.

DynamicDataDisplay controls can be used in the same way as regular controls from the WPF library. As a source of coordinates, you can use any data - arrays, data tables or functions. Any change in the source data leads to an update of the displayed information, which, for example, can be used to visualize complex computational processes.

Some examples of output

The library is freely available for download on Codeplex.
It can be used to display any information on the screen in any form.
Animation is supported.
Poor output performance
You have to cool down in order to get a nice presentation schedule.

Habr browsing page: Library overview for interactive ... DynamicDataDisplay
Project website: http://dynamicdatadisplay.codeplex.com/


Free and very rich library of output of various types of graphs. It covers a huge number of types of graphs that you can use in your projects. Differs simplified graphics, ease of use.

There is also support for customization through the Visual Studio form designer.

A nice moment for many developers is the excellent documentation and the availability of Russian-language documentation for the library.

Some examples of output

Easy to use and in my opinion, must be studied.

The library is freely available for download from the SourceForge site.
Very easy to use
Rich documentation
Poor performance on large amounts of data
Not presentable

Useful links:

Microsoft Chart Controls

Microsoft Chart Controls - controls for building charts in ASP.NET and Windows Forms.

The set includes an extensive coverage of types of graphs and more than 200 different examples of graphing and can be embedded in any ASP.NET or WinForms project. And in the .NET Framework, this component is available out of the box.

In my opinion, is very rich and easy to use.

Some examples of output

The library is freely available for download from the Microsoft website.
Present in the .NET Framework 4
ASP.NET supported
Poor performance on large amounts of data

Useful links:

Some images (C) Diagrams

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